Taku Kamishiro is the main protagonist of the series.


Kamishiro is a lean young man with unkempt black hair that sweeps down in front of his eyes. During his time as a high school student, he wore the standard uniform; a brown-colored overcoat, a white shirt and a black necktie. At home, he wears a black hoodie, long-sleeved T-shirt with jeans. After joining Rudiment, he adds a black jacket to his wardrobe.


Kamishiro is kind, caring and humble. He is rather shy and reserved, and chooses to avoid conflict if he has to. He is also willing to help others on his own free will, as shown when he helps out the school janitors in keeping the school clean and attempts to stop a man from assaulting a woman, which would ultimately lead to him contracting Bloodlust.

Kamishiro shows genuine affection towards his childhood friend Mika Hanazono and is willing to go to great lengths in order to protect her from any harm. These feelings of his are what give him strength to overcome his tempting desires to kill Hanazono and surpass his limits.


After trying to save a girl assaulted by a strange man, Taku Kamishiro discovers that his crush on his childhood friend, Mika Hanazono turned into a sick urge to kill her. He keeps having visions with him killing Hanazono in a very brutal way, and he tries to overcome the blood lust. Later on, after saving his "loved one" many times, he gets scouted by Neibu,a member of the organisation Rudiment. He refuses to help him until an incident happend during the school festival, causing the deaths of more than 30 students. Just after Hanazono was badly injured, Neibu saves them and takes them to the organisation's building. When Taku wakes up, he finds Mika on the rooftop. She then tries to strangle him, and tells him that she wants to kill him. Just after that, Hanazono dissapears. After her leave,he joins the organisation and teams up with three ID infectees that try to overcome their blood lust: Akito Nishihashi, Ryouko Etou, and Tatsuya Kawamura. His objective is finding Hanozono and kill her.

Powers and Abilities

Taku Kamishiro's gift is "Observation". He is capable to notice every move of an enemy's and dodge most attacks sucesfuly

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